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Pizza Making Classes

Learn to make artisan pizza at home!

You don't need to go to culinary school to make artisan pizza! With My Pizza School's in-person and online pizza classes, we will teach you all the methods and recipes for making great tasting pizzas.

Tips from a pro


My Pizza School’s head chef and owner of Tinybrickoven Pizza and Gelato (rated 5-stars), Will Fagg, will share his tips on how to make the perfect pizza with your friends and family. Pizza making doesn’t need to be intimidating, with our easy-to-follow classes, you’ll learn everything from how to make the perfect dough, all the way through getting the perfect bake even in a normal home oven and how to load the dough without sticking.




Pizza lovers unite!


It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or are an experienced pizza maker, this pizza class has something for everyone. You will learn about the best ingredients and tools for your kitchen, as well as which types of doughs and sauces work best for different styles of pizzas. Plus, chef Will, shares his favorite homemade pizza hacks and DIY tricks to make sure your pizzas always come out great!




It’s never too late to learn!


Whether you’re looking for an easy way of making quick meals or are working towards opening your own restaurant, this class will help you level up your pizza making, will give you years of pizza making experience in just a few short days!

Get expert advice with every recipe!

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